Balao-class Submarine USS Ling - (IXSS-297)

The USS Ling 297 a Balao class submarine was laid down in 1942 at the Cramp shipbuilding company in Philadelphia PA. Launched a year later in 1943 she was moved up to the Boston Navy yard for completion, and her first run of tests. It took another two years for Ling to officially be commissioned into the United States Navy with Commander George Garvie Molumphy (1908-1972) who earned a silver star for gallantry as commander of USS Skipjack SS 184. The Lings single battle star owes to account that she was at New London naval base, when reports of German U-Boats were operating off the east coast, and she was sent out to investigate the sightings. Finding no evidence, she returned back to base. In 1946 the USS Ling entered the Atlantic reserve fleet (mothballed). After a little over a decade in mothball Ling was chosen to become a training boat in Brooklyn NY where she stayed until 1971. Shortly thereafter Ling was put on donation, and within a year had a new home as a museum in Hackensack, NJ. The museum operated successfully until 2016 when between major storms, and the land on which the museum resided was being redesigned into new condos. After 70 + years of being in water a 3-inch hole developed on the port side pressure hole allowing free flowing river water to enter the boat. With no power, and no one to take care of it Ling was effectively abandoned for 3 years until efforts set forth by the Louisville Naval Museum to repair, and rehome the stricken vessel.

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