USS Ling

USS Ling (SS/AGSS/IXSS-297) is a Balao-class submarine, named for the ling fish, also known as the cobia.

The ship has been docked since 1972 at the now defunct New Jersey Naval Museum in Hackensack, New Jersey and is currently inaccessible to the public. With a length of 11 ft 8 in and a beam of 27 ft 3 in, the Ling weighs close to 1600 tons. She has received one battle star for her service in World War II as part of the United States Navy. Close to 80 years old, the Ling is still with us today but is sorely in need of assistance.

The Louisville Naval Museum has aspirations to restore the Ling to her former glory and have on public display in Louisville as the museum’s primary exhibit. The museum is currently involved in discussions with the US Navy and a request has been made to approve her relocation from Hackensack, New Jersey to Louisville, Kentucky.

If approved, the museum intends to transport the Ling to a private facility for restoration. Once completed, the Ling will be docked in the Ohio river, along the Louisville waterfront, and in close proximity to the Louisville Naval Museum’s future permanent home. The docking location and museum location plans are still under development. Once we have more information to share, we will provide an update with details. For more information about the USS Ling, visit Wikipedia’s USS Ling page.