Phase 1 Fundraising Continues

After a successful Giving Tuesday, we are continuing this fundraising effort.
Our goal is to raise $10,000 by January 1.
If you haven’t donated yet, please plan to do so. Any amount gets us closer to the target!
And please share! Share on your Facebook page, share to groups, share wherever you can….our next big donor is out there, let’s find them!
You have come to this website because of your desire to see the Ling restored to glory; it takes money to do that. Everyone can do their part by donating, finding donors, or both.
Your efforts are extremely appreciated!

Texas Roadhouse Fundraiser 01/21/20

We are grateful to Texas Roadhouse for hosting a fundraiser on January 21st 4pm to 10pm. If you wish to help us out and eat some very good food in the process then download the flyer below and take it to the Texas Roadhouse at 5005 Shelbyville Rd Louisville, Ky.


We had a small turnout but, we had a $1000 donation!! Thank you to all those that came out to eat!