About Us

Who We Are

The Louisville Naval Museum, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Louisville, Kentucky. The museum was founded with the intention of saving the USS Ling SS-297, a World War II Balao class submarine, which is currently located at a defunct museum in Hackensack, New Jersey. The Ling has suffered much damage due to neglect, vandalism, and the impact of Hurricane Sandy in 2012. We have been able to assemble a dedicated volunteer group of civilians, active duty military, and veterans that are focused on the museum’s mission statement. Our staff is 100% comprised of volunteers. All donations made to the museum go towards saving the Ling and establishing the museum in Louisville.

Our Mission Statement

To establish and maintain a Naval Museum that will be an evolving legacy of our country’s maritime history, and a lasting tribute to the United States Navy, the anchor to this museum being the Balao Class submarine, USS Ling. The Ling will be rescued and restored and set up as an interactive museum that will preserve and celebrate the rich history of submarines in the US Navy, adding a unique experience and visually striking addition to Louisville’s waterfront.


Lewis Palmer – President

Vice President

Brett McPeak – Public Relations

Matthew Benedykcinski – Director of operations

Joe Sullivan – Director of Engineering

Special Thanks

  • Special thanks goes to Mr. Stephen Borg, who has graciously provide us with access to Ling from his property
  • Special thanks also goes to American Commercial Barge Line’s CEO, Mark Knoy in Jeffersonville, Indiana, who has pledged the use of their facility for the restoration of the Ling and a temporary place to maintain her until she is permanently moved to Louisville. Additionally, he has pledged approximately $400,000 in services to tow the Ling from the Gulf of Mexico to their facility.
  • The men and women of the Hackensack Police Department and Fire Department also have our deepest gratitude for their patience and assistance.
  • We appreciate the donations of equipment and supplies that have been provided by business, located both locally and nationally, that support our cause.
  • The Louisville Naval Museum cannot thank everyone enough for their efforts to save the Ling from being scrapped and restoring her for future generations to appreciate.